Mr Waterbed

Mathew padded headboard

with a Munro soft side waterbed, custom order.

Federation Style
Federation Style Frame. Classic lines and a popular choice as an addition to a soft sided bed.

Winston Bedhead
Winston Bedhead. To fit a normal inner spring bed or a soft sided bed.

Side table with slide and 1 draw
Side table showing slide and 1 draw option

Older style Vinyl Waterbed
Thi is an example of an older style padded waterbed that we can still manufacture upon request.

Classic Charm Frame
This Classic Charm Frame is available upon request

Mr Waterbed

4 poster frame
This 4 poster frame shows some design changes that are optional extras on the standard bed

Mr Waterbed

Cambell style frame
Cambell style shows another style we can manufacture upon request that has a bookcase headboard.

Country Boy Dresser
This Dresser includes roller runners and is a solid hand made unit.

Melissa Frame
Nice white lines makes this a attractive frame for a dark room

Ensemble Base showing a 2 draw option
This Ensemble base shows a 2 draw option that opens from the foot end instead of the sides.

Half Waterbed Half Inner Spring
Custom bed with half inner spring half waterbed in the same frame, custom size 2020mm x 2130mm.

Leadlight Blue Wren
Blue Wren Leadlight for our springbrook or Classic style beds.

Leadlight Kookaburra
Leadlight for our springbrook or Classic style beds.

Leadlight Floral
Leadlight for our springbrook or Classic style beds.

Leadlight Tulip
Leadlight for our springbrook or Classic style beds.

Leadlight Daisy
Leadlight for our springbrook or Classic style beds.

Black Vinyl Hundt Waterbed
Black Vinyl beds can still be manufactured upon request this example has a timber corner post.

Springbrook, no leadlight
a variance on the popular Springbrook frame without the leadlight, making this a more rustic option.

Japanese Frame
Modern styled frame available in a variance or stains, very popular in black, ideally suited to fit around a soft sided pedistal base bed.

Soft Side Octagonal
Soft Sided Octagonal Custom order, this gives you an idea of the different beds we can manufacture as a one of to your design.

Modified elegence with blanket rail
This is a modified Elegence waterbed showing a blanket rail, also note the zipped on wool cover

Sonya Custom Waterbed
This is a variance on a federation style frame with Dowling used to create a different look for a wrap frame on a soft sided waterbed.

Country Boy in Golden Oak
Country Boy Waterbed in Golden Oak show installed in a customer’s house.

Queenslander style timber frame waterbed

traditional timber frame bed available in any colour or stain required

4 Draw Base,
4 draw base shown without the top decking installed, supplied with roller runners this is a strong system, our standard.

thomas william frame
This Thomas William is a frame that is becoming more popular, we can make this to fit a soft sided bed or into a timber frame waterbed.

Mr Waterbed

huntington frame
The Hungtington is a large colonial frame with 6 inch posts that is a solid bed.

sleigh frame
The flowing lines of the Sleigh bed look good as a wrap for a soft sided beds.

Gel Sample
This is a sample of the Gel used in a Gel Bed in a clear ziplock bag showing the stability of this amazing New product.

Gel Sample
This shows the gel in its thickest most stable form showing the diversity of this product, making it the only fully adjustable bed on the market today

Octagonal Short Posted Frame
Another style available in an Octagonal bed with short posts.

Huntington Canopy
These are a big bed, even bigger when made to a canopy style as pictured, as a frame these sell for a Queen at $3900.00 and a King at $4600.00

Mr Waterbed

Country Boy Wrap
Pictured is the Country Boy as a wrap round frame on a soft sided bed in Walnut stain

Sleigh frame
A classic style Sleigh bed frame avaialble in any size.

Decor Range
We now supply to our customers a wide range of frame esigns including this Decor style bed.

Evita range of frames
The Evita is a frame we can supply for our soft sided beds, feel free to ask us on pricing,

Bondi Frame & Side tables
The very popular Bondi rnage of frames and side tables.

This is a Country Boy King Single waterbed showing the additional feature of the childs name engraved into the headboard prior to 2 pac painting.

Julie 4 poster frame, one of our new designs.
Also available is a matching dresser / mirror and side tables, see the photos in this Gallery

Julie Dresser / mirror
This is the matching dresser / mirror for the Julie 4 poster.

Julie Side Table
This is the matching side table for the Julie 4 poster.

Julie 4 poster
another photo showing the top rail of the Julie 4 poster

Mr Waterbed

james headboard
This is a more modern style Head and side tables that has a real nice look in a bright room.

Mr Waterbed

kelly 4 poster
The rugged simple lines of the Kelly 4 poster frame is one of our more popular 4 poster bed frames

pletted blain headboard
The padded Headboards are popular and the pletted lines of the Blain add some quality finish to this headboard, We can made this style of headbaord us

Mr Waterbed

Mathew Padded Headboard
Mathew Padded Headboard is a larger style buttoned design, we can make this using a customers fabric at a reduced price.

6 draw option
We also custom make a lot of furniture, including this 6 draw option for our beds.

Reference Letter from Customer
The image is of a letter one of our customer kindly send us. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Mr Waterbed Mattress
This is our own brand of waterbed mattress, high quality and sold with a 5 year written warranty

8 Draw Captains Bed Draw Base
This is a higher than average 8 draw soft sided bed base with 4 draws each side, total height of the bed to the top is 690mm with 4 draws each side, a

Duet Heater system installation
This image shows the correct installation of heaters for a twin/duet system bed and also the quality of the foam we use in manufacture

Duet Liner being installed
Image shows the duet or twin liner being installed over the top of the heaters in one of our soft sided beds

Duet Mr waterbed Mattresses
Image shows one of our twin system waterbeds after filling of the mattresses prior to the zip on cover being installed

duet with cover folded back
Image shows one of our twin system beds with the quilted top zipped half of and folded back

White Octagonal bed
Photo shows a full 8 post canopy Octagonal bed in 2 pac white

Federation Package in Nut Brown
Photo shows customers bed installed in there home in Brisbane, Federation Frame Nut Brown with a Munro Soft sided waterbed and matching pedestal base.

Photo of Ensemble with Castors
This image shows one half of a queen ensemble base fitted with the Optional extra of castors, there is no additional charge for castors on a ensemble

This is a King Munro soft sided waterbed with an 8 draw base unit (4 per side) 4 draw side tables and Book case headboard unit. Walnut stain

Here is one of our Munro soft sided beds installed in a clients house

Water Pillow
Water pillow ready for use

Bookcase Headboard
This is a custom Bookcase headboard and soft sided Munro waterbed we made and delivered in Northern NSW for one of our clients

This is a custom design slat base headboard and one of our Munro soft sided waterbed combinations we made, delivered and installed for our client in N

Samantha Suite
Samantha Suite, pricing is available in our package deal section.