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Pedestal 4 x Drawer Base Soft Sided Waterbed


  • Full Float
  • 2 Layer
  • 3 Layer
  • 4 Layer
  • 5 Layer
  • 5 Layer Plus Lumbar
  • Single
  • King Single
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King

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All beds are complete package deals with everything you need but the water to fill them (conditioner included). Yes we have optional extras but these are not required options and not needed to complete the package.

All 4 drawers are on roller runners, hand made by us.

All beds come with the;

Waterbed Treatment
4 drawer base with roller runners in your choice of stain or colour.
Mr Waterbed 5 year Full replacement warranty waterbed mattresses that has reinforced corners.
the premium quality Carbon energy efficient heater.
Fitted safety liner.
Zip on wool top.
Enduro Foam bath/dam.

Standard 300 mm pedestal base, overall height to top of wool is 520 mm

Drawers are off set from the head end of the bed so they can still open with a side table next to the waterbed.

Soft sided beds can be fitted to any slat frame on the market or click here: Soft Sided Bed and Frame Package Deals to see a selection of frames we make. We also custom make frames.

We manufacture our beds and stand behind the quality of the product as 100% our own. Choosing to make a bed with quality parts and the highest grade of fiber and wool. ask a question

Munro Soft-Sided Pedestal Base waterbeds include a zip on 100% Wool Cover that is a 800 gram rating or Quilted Cover, Heater, Liner, water conditioner, Deck, Pedestal and mattress of your choice. We use Dunlop Endro Foam in manufacture, this is a superior quality non memory foam not found in other brands. Our pedestal base units aren’t just painted chipboard but are made from kitchen grade laminate that can be scrubbed and cleaned without fading.

* beds include 5 year warranty

*Also available is a range of stained or laquered Pedestals to co-ordinate with bedroom furniture

Prices are for complete beds with no extra to pay.

Soft sided Munro waterbeds are made to the same sizing as inner spring mattresses so fitted sheets can be used, out side sizings are;

  • Single 1880 mm x 990 mm
  • King Single 2000 mm x 1070 mm
  • Double 1880 mm x 1370 mm
  • Queen 2000 mm x 1500 mm
  • King 2000 mm x 1800 mm

Options explained;

  • Re enforced foam surrounds are made with the bottom half of the foam sides made from very high density foam for extra strength for heavy customers or clients who sit on the side of the bed a lot.
  • Pillow slip liners slide over the foam bath like a pillow slip from the foot end to the head end of the waterbed so the foam bath is encased in the liner with the join under the top end of the bed where the heater cord exits the foam.
  • Premium Wool is the heavier wool cover made from Australian 100% Wool
    • Full Float, No internal Baffle system, simply an empty mattress.
    • 2 Layer, 65% wave reduction or semi wave less
    • 3 Layer, 75% wave reduction, stability with a small amount of firmness.
    • 4 Layer, 85% wave reduction, firmness with good support.
    • 5 Layer, 95% wave reduction, Maximum amount of fiber we can fit into the bed profile.
    • 5 Layer with Lumbar, Added extra of a lower back support. Lumbar mattresses only truly work in a 5 layer option as they need the support of the 5 layers to work.

Please note the reason we sell a 5 layer with Lumbar mattress as our most stable is this is the maximum amount of fibre you can put in a bed. Please feel free to call our friendly staff on 1800 124 444 with any questions on mattress options.

We will beat any price on a comparable product, All product is our own brand not relabeled or modified from another company.

Upgrade to a digital display waterbed heater for an additional $40.00

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Bed Type

Full Float, 2 Layer, 3 Layer, 4 Layer, 5 Layer, 5 Layer Plus Lumbar

Bed Size

Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King