Flotation Mattresses dramatically reduces pressure points. This Improves blood circulation that is normally blocked due to your sleeping position. Better Circulation means you toss and turn less, and get a better night’s sleep.

Spinal Alignment

Many people find that a Munro Waterbeds provide better spinal alignment. Proper spinal alignment allows you a comfortable nights sleep.

Lasting Value

Munro Waterbeds performance doesn’t deteriorate with use. Comfort and support are constant for the life of your Munro Waterbed Mattress.

Allergy Relief

An ordinary mattress may contain as many as two milliontiny dust mites, as well as mould, fungus and bacteria. For those with allergies, a waterbed may provide a much healthier sleep.


Waterbed mattresses contour to your body. Your weight is distributed more uniformly because the mattress conforms to your shape.

Therapeutic Heat

All of us agree that a warm bed is relaxing, from athletes with sore muscles to seniors with arthritic joints. A warm bed every night is a luxury everyone should enjoy.